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Time-To-Market: Cirasys control methods simplify or eliminate the numerous complicated steps and redesign typical of power converter design while adding design flexibility.

Bandwidth: Cirasys Boost & Buck-Boost converters have the fastest bandwidth and transient response, 10-100x over existing converters.


Control: Cirasys has developed the most advanced nonlinear methods, specifically designed from the ground up, for power electronics.

Performance: The result is a converter that is inherent stabile, has the widest voltage ranges, superior precision, true configurability, and increased flexibility in design considerations.


Design:  Cirasys' advanced control methods provide a stable & superior platform at the start without the complex design process of existing converters.

Topologies: Cirasys-controlled buck, boost, and buck-boost converters are all easier to design and implement than other buck converters.  For the first time, electronics designers can now select the best topology for their application instead of being "stuck with buck."

Welcome to Cirasys, Inc.

Get Your Power Problems Under Control...

Cirasys, Inc. is a pioneer in the most critical and often overlooked aspect of power conversion: the control -  the algorithms and techniques that manage and stabilize the conversion process.  By combining industry-leading expertise in control systems mathematics and power electronics, we have developed a suite of control methods that not only increase the capability and performance of power converters and power supplies to entirely new levels, but also simplify their design as well.

The control methods at the heart of Cirasys' core technology are power level agnostic, and lend themselves to applications from chip, PCB, to grid level.  Cirasys converters are inherently stable, have higher precision and speed (bandwidth), provide on-demand variable outputs for boost and buck-boost, and bring linear-like performance to non-linear topologies, making buck, boost, and buck-boost equal in performance and design simplicity.  For the first time, engineers and systems integrators can select the converter topology that is the best fit for their power application, rather than limited to buck topologies.

Cirasys is developing DC-DC PCB-level power converters and also works with clients on joint development and specialized power solutions, including AC-DC and DC-AC.  Whether utilizing our advanced controls or more traditional approaches, we provide full life cycle design services for a broad range of applications, so contact us today to see how we can help you get your power problems under control.

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